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Doris Winton

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Iris Hill started as a hobby, a simple garden where I played and worked, driven by my love of flowers. As a child, I adored my Great Grandmother’s garden, atop a hill, where she lived in a simple log cabin with flowers of all types cascading down the hillside.


After thirty years of working as a tax specialist, I am now technically retired. Ironically , I currently work harder and longer than ever. There is never a shortage of things to do in the garden: grass to cut, weeds to pull, and flowers to tend to.


I should also tell you that one of my most enjoyable activities in the garden is meeting people from all over the United States, and indeed the world. We instantly click as if we knew each other for years, bonded by our passion and love for flowers.


Our garden has grown over the years, and has recently been featured on the National Tour, Regional Tours, and Garden Tours.


Winton’s Iris Hill is a private garden, a small business, and a meeting place for people who love flowers. Come and visit us. And when you come, do ask us to show you “Old George”, our magnificent oak tree in the back of the property.